Wedding Whys and Why Knots by Tampa Wedding Photographer, Andi Diamond

Hiring Your Wedding DJ, Communication is Key! Band or DJ?  A common question amongst many brides and grooms when planning their wedding reception.  Should you decide that a DJ is for the route you prefer, here are some helpful things to consider.  As more disc jockeys are including emcee services, they are playing an even  larger role in the big day.  This is why communication is critical. The couple and the DJ need to be able to stay in...

Tampa Wedding Photographer Gives Make-up Tips for the Bride-to-Be

Hey brides-to-be!  Want your make-up to look (and photograph) flawlessly on your wedding day?  Here are some tips to keep you looking fresh and fab: 1.  BLEND, BLEND, BLEND.  You can use your everyday makeup, but use more than your normally use every day.  Many makeup professionals use airbrush makeup, the method of choice for high-definition TV, because it is lightweight, waterproof and gives flawless coverage. 2.  SOMETIMES LESS IS...

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