A Giggly Tampa Beauty Session

Beauty sessions are all about the celebration of you, right now, in the moment, just as you are. This session is one of the best examples of what celebrating you precisely looks like. This session was no doubt filled with laughs which I was perfectly able to catch on camera. A had recently lost a dramatic amount of weight and wanted to do a pre and post surgery session. This is her pre-surgery session and she is glowing! A looks absolutely stunning and her confidence is shining through her smile! A took the chance to put herself in front of the camera and finally prove to HERself that she is gorgeous at every stage of her body. I think this is very important for every woman to be confident in knowing- no ifs ands or buts- and I am so happy that this radiating women seized the opportunity and decided that she was worth celebrating!  

Lets keep celebrating! Discover more HERE

Hair & Make-Up- Michele Renee The Studio

A special thank you to all the beautiful woman who volunteer to be highlighted on the Andi Diamond Photography blog. We take our clients privacy very seriously and acknowledge that some may be sensitive to their media being released. All content is published with the client’s consent. ADP thanks our special clients for allowing us to share your ADP experience.



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