Newborn Photos of Tristan – Welcome to the World!

There is something so incredible about photographing newborns…their “freshness”, their innocence, their flaky skin.  I wonder how many full moons we have had recently because I have had so many newborns in my studio- each with their own amazing personality and excited parents!  And do full moons really have anything to do with births?? ha!  Meet Tristan and his mommy, Robin!  If you get my newsletter, you will recognize the first image as my “Image of the Month” (and if you do not get my newsletter but would like to, sign up for it in the link just above this post).  I LUV this image, and I love the fact that Robin trusted me enough to let me have all the creative latitude I wanted (thanks, Robin!) tampa-newborn-baby-photography-19 tampa-newborn-baby-photographer-17 This is another fave!  Makes me think of the bonding time I had with Ethan when he was a newborn… sweet and content (now I am lucky if I can get him to sit still for 30 seconds to give me a hug!  Oh, how I miss this!)  Tristan was happy as a clam to nuzzle in with his mommy! tampa-newborn-baby-photographer-16 tampa-newborn-baby-photographer-18 Robin, I really enjoyed capturing these images for you and your family!  Enjoy your sneak peek!

🙂 Andi

p.s.  On a  side note, my Dad is back in the hospital so I am in and out of my studio.  Feel free to call or email me and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

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