Tampa Photographers Fun Fact Friday!

Hello everyone! We are starting a new weekly blog trend  here at Andi Diamond Photography: Fun Fact Friday!  As photographers we love the getting the chance to learn about our clients and hear all of their amazing (and sometimes crazy) stories about love and life, so why not share some things about us as well.  We would like people to get to know us not only as photographers, but as the silly, often quirky, human beings that we are as well!  We have a fun, wild, and charming little bunch here at “Team ADP” so Fun Fact Friday will be dedicated to a compilation of enjoyable, random, (and sometimes amusing) facts about our crew.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy getting to know us a little better; you might even be surprised about what all you find out!

First up is the head honcho herself: Miss Andi Diamond!

Andi is an avid dance-aholic and is no stranger to breaking out a dance move or two when no-one is watching (who am I kidding!  When anyone is watching!).  Her go-to booty shakin’ song, well that’s easy, the 1992 smash hit “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot.  Don’t count on this photographer to be a statue when her anthem comes on, she will be rocking it on the dance floor with the bride and groom-camera in tow!  Baby Got Back?  Pfft nah, more like, Baby Got Moves..boom! We are 100% class acts here at Team ADP!

XO – Kristin






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