Anthony’s Farm 1 year old shoot

Trucks, tractors, cows… oh my! I still am not over how cute Anthony’s first shoot was! He certainly was not shy of the camera, pulling our heart strings as he posed innocently while sucking on his thumb. If you told me a couple of years ago during his parent’s engagement session that I would be shooting their son’s 1-year portraits on a farm- surrounded by cows and their poop- I would not have believed you. This farm was a great change of scenery. I always encourage my clients to pick shoot venues that have special meaning to them and this farm definitely fits the bills. This was not just any farm. This was Anthony’s grandfather’s farm who has just recently passed away. Also, that absolutely gorgeous vintage truck belonged to him as well. With that these 1 year old portraits are that much more sweet. Enjoy Anthony’s farm boy dream of a portrait shoot, I know I did:)

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