Tampa Senior Photos – Calling All High School Juniors/Seniors

Hey all you high school juniors and seniors in Tampa Bay!  It’s time for your seniors portraits (yeah, even you class of 2010 graduating seniors can still have your senior portraits done….ask me about my “Slacker Sale”).  So you may ask, “Don’t I have to use the photographer my school tells me to?”
NO!  While you usually have to have your yearbook pic taken by whomever your school has contracted…you can go wherever you want for the fun, funky, creative stuff!  (You certainly don’t have to buy any other photos from your school shoot.)  Now is the perfect opportunity to jump on the Andi Diamond Photography Seniors band wagon!  Click here to apply to be a Model Senior Rep here and get free stuff!  I am looking for 2 guys and 2 girls from each high school in Hillsborough County to represent Andi Diamond Photography and be a part of my fab new senior website!

Check out Josh’s Tampa senior photo shoot:

Give me a shout if you are interested in being a Model Senior Rep or if you want to do a senior photo shoot!

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4 thoughts on “Tampa Senior Photos – Calling All High School Juniors/Seniors

  1. I just love EVERY picture and I want them all!! The video is so cool. So glad we went with you instead of buying from Josh’s school. What unique, beautiful art! I always get compliments on my new art!! Andi, you are the BEST!!!!!

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