Vicky….Trash the Dress Photos in Tampa!

It’s the latest craze in wedding (actually post wedding) photography– and it is a blast!  Face it-after the wedding, the dress gets all boxed up (or in my case…shoved in a dress bag, with all it’s original wedding day grime on it! Ha!)- never to be worn again!  Then comes along the Trash The Dress session (TTD).  Most brides do it shortly after the wedding but Vicky has been married for almost 7 years now….and has been planning her TTD session for months!  And why not?  What a great excuse to put on the ‘ole wedding dress and be HAUTE’ and FABULOUS!  Here are some of my faves along with her slideshow! Picture it- a bride walks into a bar…Ha!  OK, so I am not a very good joke teller.  But this happens to be one of Vicky and Adam’s favorite bars…so why not??!!  Don’t mind the bride and the photographer…we will just be like flies on the wall!  (We did get alot of looks…but mostly just curious beer drinkers!  It was Vicky’s little taste of celebrity!) Here is Vick’y slideshow.  She rocked it out!

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15 thoughts on “Vicky….Trash the Dress Photos in Tampa!

  1. Andi,
    Cannot trash the dress it is beautiful as well as Vicky and her memerizing blue eyes! Awesome job and great concept. So when is my TTD session? My anniversary is next week 9 years I cannot even believe we have been married that long and meet 15 years ago this year! I am soooooooo lucky to have waiting for the perfect man.

    Keep up the awesome work. Lisa

  2. Andi, you totally rocked that shoot. I am so proud of you. BEAUTIFUL!!! And I must say Vicky looks smokin’ What a little hottie 😉

  3. These Rock!! I just love your color and the edginess to them. Looks like you all had fun. You are so talented. I wish I could still fit in my wedding dress cause I would certainly hire you.

  4. I have watched the slideshow about 6 times now and just can’t stop. Only for pure exhaustion am going to bed….rest assured tomorrow I will rewatched it between patients and when I get home. I just can’t believe how good it is. I just can’t believe it. You are a wonderful capturer (is that a word) of people and art. You can tell we had fun! You made me look good and feel good. That is AWESOME! Thank you for a wonderful time and some pictures that I truly value. You are a professional photographer who has really made a name for herself and has grown tremendously in your field….

  5. Wow! Andi these look so incredibly BEAUTIFUL and I can’t wait to have my session with you. I am so impressed with your work and look forward to working with you on my shoot! You are a wonderful photographer1 xoxo

  6. Hey Andi – Awesome pics! I don’t have a dress to be trashed, so if you know of anyone who would like for ME to trash their dress, sign me up!

  7. WOW – words cannot express the creativity you have shown here. Very Cool Concept! Vicky you look AMAZING! So beautiful, happy, elated and fresh! You can tell you both had a blast! Andi – you always make it look so natural and easy.
    I must say when it comes to my dress I would prefer to call it PRESERVE the dress! Its a classic Vera Wang and I want Sofia to wear it one day (that is if she loves it as much as I do when the time comes). I wish I could wear my dress everyday to remind me of the 1st most incredible day of my life marrying Joe and the most beautiful I have ever felt in my life (the second being the birth of Sofia of course). Andi – you have captured the beauty of our daughter and one day we will have to do a “PRESERVE the dress” shoot for me (when I can fit into the dress again).

  8. Wow! You’ve gone and done it again – what an amazing set of pictures! Vicky looks gorgeous and I really love the close ups infront of the church doors….makes me want to wear my dress again for a TTD……..I’ll get it out of the attic and see if it still fits, if it does then I’m calling you….!

  9. Sweet mother of all wedding photos – this is really good . . . in fact, I almost like them more than a lot of traditional photos I’ve seen – very fine. Keep going girl!

  10. What is there to say?? Speechless! Vicky is quite beautiful, but you absolutely capture images that are drop dead amazing. Always fresh, Andi, and always leave one wanting more! Now get some sleep:) MH

  11. Andi: get me a date and let’s do it!! i cannot wait for you to see the dress and veil as well as the FUNKY shoes i have for the shoot…false lashes..big lips let’s shoot it!!

  12. I love the mix of classic and contemporary looks–it creates not only stunning photos but a real curiosity about them.
    It’s too bad my wedding dress a big Bloody Mary stain down the front of it!


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