Tampa Photographer’s Fun Fact Friday

This week’s ADP Fun Fact Friday is all about Patrick! Patrick is the first to admit that he is a total tech-nerd and is constantly looking at new photo toys, lights, and cameras coming out. On the flip side, he is also very much about the old school stuff too. Patrick has been collecting and photographing with vintage film cameras since he started with photography. Darkroom, chemicals, handmade prints, the whole deal; he loves it. He even still has his very first camera ever given to him, and old minolta 35mm; from there a crazy and weird collection of strange cameras have branched from there, some tiny, some enormous, even some that he has made. What’s his favorite camera at the moment? That would be an old Russian one that he has. It is slightly defective so all of the images overlap to give one long continuous photo. He loves quirks like that since they give images a really beautiful personality. It is nice to play with new toys, but Patrick says there is nothing gets you back to why you appreciate the craft more than film does.

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