Graham’s Album Wins 2nd Place – Tampa Birth Photography

Super excited to share this very special album.  I have had the opportunity to capture the births of one of my beloved clients, Melissa.  Birth photography is such a powerful, intimate, and special event that I am blessed to photograph.  It is a time that goes by in such a blur.  I really wish I would have had a photographer capture Ethan’s birth for us (instead I had my mom, gotta love her and her out of focus images of Ethan!  She spent a large amount of time in the bathroom crying- though she will disagree with me on that one.  Fortunately, she is not too down with technology and does not even know what a blog is- much less actually read mine so I am probably pretty safe in posting that…but just in case- LOVE you. Mom!).  I am honored to have been able to capture the birth of both of Melissa’s babies.  Here is the album from Graham’s birth.  It won second place in the album print competition last night at the Tampa Area Professional Photographers Association (TAPPA) meeting.  Times flies so fast…we actually just had Graham’s 1 year portrait session.

On a side note, if you are interested in birth photography and live in Tampa Bay, please contact me asap as I accept a very limited number of birth photography assignments as I am on-call 24-7 for the mommy-to-be.

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