Wedding Inspiration: Veils

This week’s wedding inspiration we like to call the “cake topper to your wedding gown,” the veil! Besides being a bridal icon – and an amazingly gorgeous bridal accessory -the wedding veil has many symbolic interpretations and uses around the world and in different religions. For example, wedding veils were once donned as protection from evil spirits or used to prevent the bride and groom from seeing each other until the deal was sealed in an arranged marriage. Times have changed, but the wedding veil remains a popular part of the bridal ensemble.While some brides chose to forego a veil,  (which is absolutely fine, it’s your preference! Not everyone throws the bouquet, or garter, or smears wedding cake on each others faces either..), lots of our brides like to keep the tradition alive and really feel like they transform into a “bride” once they put it on.


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  1. And it can also be a brides something old or something borrowed. 🙂 Thank you for using us Andi! You’re the best.

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