Michele’s Business Personal Branding Session

I love the fresh and vibrant look we got for Michele’s headshot portrait session. Michele A. Mathews is the founding owner of Mathews’ HR Consulting Services. This woman is such a gem! She has a wealth of knowledge, a philanthropic heart, and goes above and beyond to help others in her community. I can assure you that Michele and Mathews’ HR Consulting Services will be their for all of your business HR consulting needs!

It’s always important for business owners/professionals to keep their headshots up to date. First impressions are everything and in many ways your headshot is your first impression for potential clients. Right or wrong, like it or not, your prospective client is going to judge you based on who they “think” you are when they see your branding images. Are you warm, friendly, approachable? Are you strong, capable, dependable? Are you unprofessional, non-trustworthy, unkind? YES….your images can subtly communicate all of these things about you! Your professional headshot is a golden opportunity to communicate your personality without even saying a word. What do you want your images to say? If your images aren’t portraying the message you want, get in contact with Andi Diamond Photography!

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