Tampa Newborn Photos – Welcome to the world, Meara!

It feels so good to post something good on my blog.  After the last 2 weeks, little Miss Meara is the perfect way to get back on track with teaser images for my clients and blog stalkers! Newborns make their mommies and daddies happy (that’s a given, right?).  They make me happy.  They just make people happy.  When was the last time you saw a tiny, little baby while you were at the mall, and did not smile?!  They are so full of life, joy, love, and sheer happiness.  So with that, I am thrilled to introduce Meara to the world! tampa-newborn-baby-photographer-141 tampa-newborn-baby-photographer-121 tampa-newborn-baby-photographer-151 tampa-newborn-baby-photographer-131 tampa-newborn-baby-photographer-9 tampa-newborn-baby-photographer-11 And since a good out-take always makes me smile…….gotta love it! ha! tampa-newborn-baby-photographer-10 Meryl and Matt, it was such a treat getting to know you and your daughter.  Meryl, you are just way too “together” to be a new mommy!  (I say this because I feel like I was such a mess and you are so glam!  ha!)  Matt, you remind me so much of my brother-in-law…which is a good thing!  I am honored to capture your art!

And for the rest of my wonderful clients awaiting their teasers, hang with me.  Lots more to share!  Just taking life one day at a time.  My dad is doing so well, and family is the most important thing in life!  xo  Andi

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6 thoughts on “Tampa Newborn Photos – Welcome to the world, Meara!

  1. Andi,
    We LOVE the teaser pictures ~ can’t wait to see the rest!!! We had such a good time at your studio (Meara included – she was such a party animal that the second we got in the car she was out like a light!!!). SO happy to hear that your Dad is on such a strong road to recovery ;))

  2. Awesome work Andi! Meara is a beautiful little one and you captured her and her parents beautifully! I’m so glad that your father is home and you are able to get back to what you love to do!

  3. Andi,

    I love your pictures of our grandaughter, Meara. She is gorgeous and her parents aren’t too bad either!

    Beth Hill

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