When the Wedding Photographer Photographs the Wedding Photographers

I took a deep breath as I headed out the door of my South Tampa studio for my location shoot.  This was no ordinary shoot.  I said a little prayer (as I always do before any session)……PLEASE let this one be especially amazing.  You see, I was photographing another fabulous wedding photographer and her entire team- of eight!  I especially needed to be on my A-game because if I was off one bit or had any fear, they would smell it, sense it, and eat me alive. OK, so now I am being a bit dramatic.  ha!  It was nothing but fun (and wind and cold) for Carrie (of Carrie Wildes Photography) and her crew at our South Tampa photo shoot on Davis Island.  Check out some of my faves: I am honored to have your trust to create your studio’s imagery, Carrie.  Loved photographing you and your team.   I had a blast and hope you all did, too!

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4 thoughts on “When the Wedding Photographer Photographs the Wedding Photographers

  1. OMG!!! Andi these are even better than I thought they were going to be!! Thank you so much, for making us look amazing. I couldn’t tell you were nervous at all. You rocked it girl. So greatful David officiated that wedding with you and for your friendship.

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