Tampa Newborn Photos – Meet Slayton and Her Big Sis, Marler!

I recently had the pleasure of photographing sweet baby, Slayton, and her big sis, Marler.   Like most newborn photo session, we had a lot of laughs, a lot of “aww’s” and a lot of, well, poo.  HA!  (I know Mommy is nodding her head in laughter and agreement, right, Catherine?)  Take a peek at Slayton’s newborn session:

Enjoy V. Family!  Your girls are stunning!  I can’t wait to see your canvas artwork.  Thanks for your trust.  🙂 Andi

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10 thoughts on “Tampa Newborn Photos – Meet Slayton and Her Big Sis, Marler!

  1. Love the gorgeous photos of Marler and Slayton. What beautiful girls!!! Congratulations “V” family on the recent arrival of Slayton.

  2. We love this video. Pictures are great. Your girls are beautiful and getting big. Congratulations!

  3. Your pictures are so cute! Emmy would never pose like that for the camera. Good job Marler!

  4. Beautiful pictures, beautiful kids…very creative poses, too. Marler’s going to be a great “big” Sis.

  5. Great pictures, but with such great subjects, how can one miss?
    I’m partial to Little Girl pictures, but someday (maybe next October) we could get a boy in the family.

  6. Thank you Brett and Catherine for the wonderful pictures of two beautiful girls. Now we should get that photographer to point her camera at you two!

  7. Great Photos. Bruce is spot on. The fourth shot in the “montage” is by far my favorite.

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