Tampa Children Photographer Captures Joyful Ava!

Meet Ava and her mommy, Jocie, and daddy, Shane.  Ava is 10 months old and on-the-go.  So much so, that she actually started walking in my studio at her portrait session!  What a great moment for me to be a part of!  She is full of joy- and so are her parents!  I always love when I click with my clients, and I really felt that way with Jocie and Shane! childrens-photography tampa-infant-childrens-photography-2 tampa-infant-childrens-photography-1 I am so glad to have met you, F. family!  I am looking forward to Ava’s 1 year portrait session soon!  🙂 A

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15 thoughts on “Tampa Children Photographer Captures Joyful Ava!

  1. What great pictures! I love the one of Ava standing in front of the chair and I think that the family shot is priceless!

  2. Andi,
    Adorable! and nice work! Can’t wait to see all the other photos and images next Tues:) Shane

  3. We feel blessed to have our beautiful little granddaughter , Ava. We are across the miles, but do have wonderful pictures of this cute little bundle of joy. Thanks for inviting all to share with you. Grandma Carole & Grandpa Terry We love you!!! xxx ooo

  4. You are so beautiful. Really love your pictures. Your dress in the second picture is very nice…

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