Wedding Whys and Why Knots by Tampa Wedding Photographer, Andi Diamond

Hiring Your Wedding DJ, Communication is Key!

Band or DJ?  A common question amongst many brides and grooms when planning their wedding reception.  Should you decide that a DJ is for the route you prefer, here are some helpful things to consider.  As more disc jockeys are including emcee services, they are playing an even  larger role in the big day.  This is why communication is critical. The couple and the DJ need to be able to stay in touch  before and during the entire planing process.

It is not unusual for a young couple to be uncertain about the order of events at weddings- introductions, first dance, cake cutting, dinner, garter and bouquet and any other family traditions they want to include. Brides and grooms often have different ideas about how and when things will happen, without ever having discussed it.  Professional DJ’s try their best to support you, and offer their experience, but allow you to make your own decisions. Communication!

Often couples have no idea what songs will be good for what tradition. They look to their DJ for professional guidance , offering expertise without forcing their idea of the perfect song. After all, it is your wedding! More communication.

It used to be that the bride’s mother did the bulk of the wedding planning. That is not always the case today. Young couples often have to figure all this out on their own and don’t always have experience with hiring professionals or organizing a big event. It is an honor when the wedding vendors can help and support you in the process of planning fun and memorable wedding entertainment.

I encourage anyone planning their wedding to involve the DJ in the organization of the music and the sequence of events. Professional disc jockeys don’t have an emotional stake in the wedding, as do family and friends, so they can offer you perspective without underlying motives that are not in your best interest. Hire an experienced DJ and he/she will be your trusted ally as you move closer to the big day.  And remember, most people are busy having fun at a wedding, only remembering the flubs. The rest ‘just happens’. The goal for the professionals orchestrating your wedding is only for you to remember that you had the time of your life!

At Andi Diamond Photography, we have had the opportunity to photograph weddings along side several amazing DJ’s.  A couple of our faves are:

Jonathan Cortez with JAC of All Trades, 813-476-3134.  Not only does Jonathan DJ, but he is a premier vocalist and performer.

Josh Walther at Inspire Entertainment, 813-728-4189.  Inspire provides experienced DJs, talented musicians, and creative lighting elements (I LOVE uplighting!)

Allen Arellano at Classic Entertainment, 813.891.1440.  Several professional and interactive disc jockeys available that will make your wedding reception memorable!

I love working with experienced DJ’s like these guys not only because they make the flow of the wedding so smooth, but because great communication between your wedding photographer and your wedding DJ helps the schedule of events go that much easier with great transitions.  Makes sure to tell these wedding DJ’s that Andi Diamond Photography sent you.  I know they help will make your wedding fantastic!  And since every diary entry is more fun with an image, here is one from Sophia and Ray’s recent wedding in Miami.

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5 thoughts on “Wedding Whys and Why Knots by Tampa Wedding Photographer, Andi Diamond

  1. As a business owner, Interactive DJ and Entertainer for over 17 years, we have seen many photographers. Andi is a professional in every sense of the word. She is a fantastic team player and a pleasure to work with. Andi’s attitude and personality not only with the client, but with vendors, is great. When we hear that Andi is the photographer at one of our events, we know it’s going to be “smooth sailing”…..

  2. I couldn’t agree more Andi. Thanks so much for the kind words. As an entertainer it is always great to work with true professionals such as yourself that know just how to capture the magic as it happens. It is always a joy working alongside true professionals that possess the knowledge and skill required to practice their craft. There are so many people out there trying to cash in on weddings by being quick to call themselves professionals and do so at the risk of their clients! As a full timer in this business I can honestly say that I look forward to working alongside your talents again. We pros have to stick together!!!

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