Tampa Photographer’s Fun Fact Friday

This week’s Fun Fact Friday is all about the boss, Andi!  One thing Andi admits to having is a freakishly strong sense of smell. What are some of her likes and dislikes? Well…for starters she loves the smell of coffee, but you won’t catch this girl drinking it though because she doesn’t like the taste. She also loves the smell of perfumes like Origins- Ginger Spice and Trish McEvoy- No.9 (a perfume dislike? Chanel No. 5), a clean house, chocolate chip cookies (stop, I’m drooling), and lastly Christmas time! Curious about some things that irritate that strong sense of smell? Well one is her cute pooch, Max, when he is in need of a bath, and weirdly enough the saran wrap that restaurants use (I can agree with this one, the smell is just not the same as the store kind!).


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