Tampa Wedding Inspiration: Groom’s Boutonniere

We showed some love last weekend to our brides and their amazing bridal bouquets and this week we have to showcase our grooms and their boutonnieres! This small, floral pin adds some great flair to a groom’s suit/jacket. Whether it’s simple and clean, or vibrant and unique, these boutonnieres sure do make a statement. What’s the history of a boutonniere?

“The boutonniere is a French word. Its literal translation in English is buttonhole, referring to times when a boutonniere was a flower just placed in the buttonhole of a man’s suit or tux. Originating in the 1700’s, a boutonniere was meant to ward off disease, evil spirits and bad smells. It was even common at a time for a man to wear a boutonniere every day. Over the years, boutonnieres have been reserved for more formal events such as weddings and proms. Today, the boutonniere is used purely for visual reasons. It is meant to match the ladies corsage, dress or tie together the “look” of a couple. A boutonniere is usually designed to accent the man’s ensemble rather than act as a centerpiece. Most are single flowers with coordinating greenery that serve to enhance the flower.” –Don’s Flowers and Gifts 


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