Jeanine’s Headshot Session

My dear friend and fellow photographer, Jeanine, needed some updated headshots, so, she called me! I am so flattered that she came to me to do this for her. Jeanine McLeod is the owner of cloud9studios in the Wesley Chapel area. You may recognize her work from my Facebook page. Every year she takes photos of my kids and I on her duck set! Jeanine is a talented Family and Children’s photographer so be sure to check out her work HERE


She is also publishing a book. She is planning to use one of her new headshots for her author biography!

Be on the look out for Don’t Blink by Jeanine McLeod, coming soon to Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

I could not be happier for my good friend and all the exciting things that are coming her way!

Congratulations Jeanine:)

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