Tampa Family Photos – The D. Family Just Grew…by 4 Feet

Meet Max and Ellen.  The precious duo recently entered the D. family, joining their “big” sister Cate (who is all of 19 months old!)  Through the beauty of Facebook, I reconnected with Jacqui, an old friend from high school in South Florida, who works with Scott- Max and Ellen’s daddy.  Jacqui connected me with the D. family and the rest is history.  I immediately connected with Tara and felt like I had known her for years.  I know it is just a brief amount of time that I spend capturing these images for my clients, but for me….I truly love getting to know my clients, hearing their stories, and becoming friends.  I love meeting their families and capturing generational images– like this one of Tara, her mom, and the twins: tampa-st-petersburg-twins-photography And this capture makes my heart sing.  Oh, how they love each other now (just as I am sure they will when they are 13!) tampa-st-petersburg-twins-photography-1 Wonderful to get to know you, Tara.  I am truly looking forward to capturing more artwork of your family as it continues to grow and change!

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One thought on “Tampa Family Photos – The D. Family Just Grew…by 4 Feet

  1. Andi you are *wonderful*! Thank you for being the truly talented and beautiful person you are – I completely believe it’s what allows others to be so comfortable and for you to capture their hearts and feelings in pictures. Much love my inside-and-out gorgeous friend. Thank you for taking care of them so well!

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