The Five Biggest Boudoir Misconceptions

Hey ladies! It’s time to address some elephants in the room. If you’re having some doubts about doing boudoir, you are not alone:) Boudoir is an exciting experience and it shouldn’t be giving you anxiety. It’s not as scary as it sounds I promise! On the day of your session we only want you to have good butterflies in your stomach. Check out this list and wipe all of your boudoir fears away! These are my top 5 pieces of advice that I give to my clients. Take a peak and see the five biggest misconceptions about boudoir.




1. You need to do it for someone else.


Boudoir makes a great gift for your someone special but our first priority is you. The experience of doing a boudoir session is transformative and we want to make sure that you are the first priority. Boudoir is all about celebrating you and if you decide to share that with someone else then that’s great! 

2. You need a perfect body.


You are one of a kind, therefore you’re already perfect.  There is no ‘right’ type when it comes to boudoir photography because boudoir is all types!  Whether you’re curvy, petite or anywhere in between you’re perfectly poised for a boudoir shoot. Don’t build up anxiety comparing yourself to other women you see in the media. You are you and that’s exactly what we want to see! Boudoir is about embracing yourself exactly the way you are in that moment in time. It may surprise you how sexy self-confidence looks on the other side of the camera lens.


3. You have to wear lingerie.


The boudoir experience is all about what makes you feel powerful. We often start our clients in something more casual to warm them up to the camera. We want our clients to know that boudoir is not about the least about the least amount of clothes you can wear. It’s about what makes you feel empowered.

If lingerie is not your thing, then lets get creative! Remember, this shoot is supposed to capture the essence of you. Bring in some props and have some fun with it! My favorite example is of my client who was a welder. So guess what she did. That’s right! She brought in her welding helmet and rocked it! From your partners favorite jersey, silly socks, and even welding equipment, anything goes when it represents the essence of you.

4. Your images will be posted all over the internet.


We know it takes a lot to find the strength to embrace yourself. Boudoir is a personal and intimate journey. We take our clients privacy very seriously and acknowledge that some may be sensitive to their media being released. All content is published with the client’s consent. We would like to give a special thank you to all the beautiful woman who volunteer to be highlighted on the Andi Diamond Photography blog.  ADP thanks our special clients for allowing us to share your ADP experience.


5. Your too old for Boudoir. 


No such thing! There is not time in your life where boudoir is not right for you. We have clients from all walks of life who come to us looking for a special way to celebrate who they are today. It’s a beautiful way to close or open up a chapter in your life. You can use boudoir as a tool to create a forever reminder the you were, and always will be a powerful women who had the courage to embrace herself! Boudoir is an experience that no one should miss out on. So, don’t let age stop you from empowering the essence of who you truly are.


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