Tampa Photographer’s Fun Fact Friday

This week’s Fun Fact Friday is all about the boss, Andi!  She is sharing who her all time favorite American Idol is…Kelly Clarkson!  in 2002 Kelly won the first season of American Idol dubbing her, “The Original American Idol,” and now AI is gearing up for their 13th season (wow!). Andi is such a dedicated fan that she has even loved Kelly through her not- so- wise career choices like her movie, “From Justin to Kelly, ” ..let us now re-wipe that from our memory. With #1 chart toppers and fan admiration, Kelly will continue to break music records and sell out stadiums while Andi will continually be singing her songs in the car and re-watching her winning moment on AI. Just kidding, she’s not THAT obsessed. Curious to know her favorite song? Her jam session go-to is, “Since You’ve Been Gone,” (and also previous ringtone!).

Kelly Clarkson Since You’ve Been Gone from lorin finkelstein on Vimeo.

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