The #Portraits4Progress Project

My heart was (and still is) so heavy amidst the events of George Floyd’s death. I wanted to do something but getting caught in a peaceful protest that is sabotaged into a violent one was a risk that I was not able to take. For the sake of my children, I could put my safety at risk. The #Portraits4Progress was my idea on what I can do as a photographer to show my support for my black community, help bring about positive change, and how I can creatively make a difference, and encourage you to be seen and your messages heard. Like most ideas I have, I tend to jump first and figure out logistics later….and hope that my idea grows wings and takes flight — and that is exactly what it did. Within 48 hours every session was booked! The response with everyone’s desire to participate was heartwarming. It gave me hope.

By the 2nd and final day of #Portraits4Progress my heart was overflowing. Over 65 individuals/families took part in our movement to help show our support of our black community by sharing our messages of frustration, anger, love, fear, and hope. It was an honor to help communicate your messages. 

To those who participated: Thank you for trusting me to creatively and respectfully share your voices, your memos, and your words of hurt, fear, anger, and love with regards to our black community. I appreciate you sharing your time, your families, and your heart to support this project. I found myself very tearful in reading your powerful messages. I loved the dialogue that we were able to have, and yes…..racism is still very alive and well. We can change the dialog, we can change the behaviors. One of my hopes is that this project opens peoples’ eyes to the things that we are often blinded to. It was truly a pleasure doing this project and I hope it moves everyone as much it has moved me.

This is the #Portraits4Progress Project.

A photographic movement created by Andi Diamond Photography in Tampa, FL to allow people an opportunity to creatively share their messages of sadness, fear, hope, encouragement, anger, and love in support of our black community.

My last shoot for #Portraits4Progress was with this amazing couple, who drove almost 3 hours to come to my studio in South Tampa to participate.

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