The Tampa Bridal Trash the Dress Session…8 Years Later

Jen never had a bridal session. She and Charlie have been married for 8 years now…and let’s face it- every girl wants a bridal photgraphy session.  Or a Trash the Dress session.  Whatever you call it- most of us girls secretly (or very openly) desire to slip back into our wedding dress and play the princess for the day.  It’s fun, it’s sexy, and it’s simply beautiful! Jen has the prettiest skin!  I am so jealous! We continued shooting until the “golden light” hit!  And WOW- was it amazing!  After seeing Laurie’s Trash the Dress images, Jen really wanted to go to the same spot for the wrap-up of her session. Jen, I hope you had a blast at your bridal/TTD session!  I know I did!  You looked so beautiful!  I am looking forward to your family session next month!  🙂 A

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6 thoughts on “The Tampa Bridal Trash the Dress Session…8 Years Later

  1. What a great idea. Loved them all. Couple favorites. #3 is alluring, #5 just plain fun, #6 is beauty, and #7 the perfect finish.

  2. Andi – Thank you so much! Not just for the beautiful pictures but for making the whole experience so much fun!!! As someone who usually doesn’t “love” having her picture taken I think I was as nervous as I was excited about the whole thing. But after 2 minutes we were having so much fun I forgot all about my nerves, thank you. The only question I have is… where were you 8 years ago!?! (Although getting to wear my dress again – AWESOME!)

  3. Incredible! These are so pretty.Andi, you did a wonderful job and I am so glad Jen decided to do a Trash the Dress session with you also! 🙂 Can’t wait to visit your site again and see more of your photography! Love it!

  4. How am I so lucky to have the most beautiful & talented friends in the world? Jen is so pretty in all the pics…I like #4 the best! I forgot what your wedding dress looked like, and after popping out 2 kids you are hot!!!! Again, Andi you are awesome. The pictures are treasures!

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