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It has been a long overdue, labor of love and I am jumping out of my skin with excitement to share my new And Diamond Photography websites.  Hopefully I am not the only photographer who finds this task completely daunting and overwhelming- scouring through tens of thousands of wedding, portrait, and high school senior images trying to select those that represent my current style, showcase a blended variety, and create a site that truly represents ME and my studio and what I want to communicate to current and prospective clients; not to mention blending my branding/logo, copy, testimonials, and writing this all up for each individual site in the hopes of making it all cohesive and attracting clients who I feel would be a good fit for my brand (and vice versa).   WHEW!   I also want to share a bit about myself and my assistant, Kristin, and allow viewers to feel like they know us after spending some time on the sites.   At first I went the “easy” route, in purchasing a great website template, which turned out to be not so great at all-only because I am not web savvy and can now admit that when I did not have a deadline hanging over my head to get it done I felt no sense of  urgency (plus I kept getting frustrated) so I kept putting other work tasks before it.   As self intuitive as a website template was supposed to be, I found myself struggling over getting it done and making it look like what I wanted it to, so I would just continue to put it off- until before I knew it, it had been way too many years since my websites had been updated!  So, I took the plunge and decided to go 100% custom- and it was the best decision I could have made!  Jason at 2BlokesDesign has been an absolute dream to work!  So, I won’t keep you guessing anymore- drum roll please……Check out the new Andi Diamond Photography! One of the many tasks that I found challenging about selecting wedding images was the fact that weddings have so many phases to them- and each wedding can produce up t0 2,000 images.  So trying to select images from each “phase” (preparation, bride, bride and bridal party portraits, groom, groom with groomsmen, decor/details, ceremony, family formals, reception, and of course- the bride and groom!) was quite a TASK!  I also wanted to show a wide variety of the different styles of weddings we capture- including casual, DIY (do-it-yourself), formal, elaborate, traditional, various cultures, smaller budget, to sky’s the limit budget- and everything in between!  I spent many days (and nights) at the studio trying to select images in preparation for my meeting with Jason.  I also wanted to make sure that the site was reflective of who I AM- my personality, my “ME-ness”, so I had Mo of create an interview style video so anyone who comes to my website can virtually “meet” me, and also see me “at work” with some pull-back scenes from real weddings.  So check out Andi Diamond Photography- Weddings: For my portrait website- I wanted to showcase our maternity/pregnancy, newborn/baby, children and families all together.  My biggest challenge here was selecting images from each category that showed in-studio vs on-location, boys vs girls, and individuals vs family groupings, different ages, black and white vs color.  I also wanted to communicate that I too am a mom and I understand the stress (usually self imposed) of getting portraits created, but at the same time I understand how deeply parents want these images.  I wanted to share a newborn session, from shoot, through ordering session, to the display of artwork in a client’s home, so Nick and Nicole at Diamond View Studios created my newborn video.  It really makes me melt!  Again, Mo at created an interview style video to capture the essence of my studio- and I love it!  Here is Andi Diamond Photography- Portraits: For my high school senior photography site, I wanted a bit of an edgier feel, while still staying true and cohesive to my brand.   I  wanted to show senior sessions in our South Tampa studio and on-location.  Check out Andi Diamond Photography-Seniors: I am honestly so very proud and excited, finally giving myself a pat on the back and saying….”Yeah…ATTA-GIRL!”  I am actually listening to Katy Perry, Roar, as I write this post and it is exactly how I feel right now!  So let’s wrap it up with a little ROAR dance party, shall we??

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