Tampa Photographer’s Fun Fact Friday

This week’s fun fact is all about me, Kristin!

One fact about me (that I recently started) is taking oil of oregano everyday. WHAT? Well, my sister actually got me onto the kick- she was told it works great against fighting sickness and managed to dip past cold and flu season this year while taking it. All you do is put two drops in a glass of water and  drink up (my method is plug and chug- it doesn’t taste the best..like VERY strong Italian seasoning). That’s it! I will drink it more often when I am feeling under the weather or when I think I might be catching something, and within a day I feel great. It really is a little miracle worker (google it, I swear!). I have been telling all my friends about it- even making them the concoction to drink…they may be sick of hearing about it…but it’s better than being ACTUALLY sick. So….go to the vitamin store and get it. You won’t regret it! Magicccccc!


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