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Tampa Photographer’s Fun Fact Friday

This week’s “FFF” is all about, Andi!

One thing Andi is not, is a morning person. BUT she wishes she was so she is turning to technology to help. Introducing….The Peaceful Progression Wake-up Clock….(crickets..)

This clock gradually increases light, stimulates aromas, and expels peaceful nature sounds to awaken sleepers (maybe those crickets are a good thing now..).  The light slowly gets brighter 30 min before your alarm goes off- and can simultaneously release aromatherapy scents to stimulate the senses (woah). 15 minutes before the alarm the clock will generate sounds of nature. This all sounds so peaceful that I would want to stay in bed.  For all of you stubborn sleepers, there is also a chime that gradually gets louder to give you that extra little push..(nevermind that last statement).

The price of this robot, I mean clock.. $80. We will have to have Andi blog about her experience after a test run!

Click on the image below to read more!


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