Tampa Children Photos of Riley and Lucas in Our Studio

I LOVE what I do.  I get to capture moments in time- and see children grow and change right before my lens.  I have been photographing Riley and Lucas since they both were babies.  And…..sniffle, sniffle…Riley is starting kindergarten in a few weeks and Lucas is three!  I cannot believe it.  Riley was one of my first newborn sessions before Andi Diamond Photography ever officially existed! And now look at her: tampa-childrens-photographer tampa-childrens-photographer-4 She is just too yummy for words!  And you know how I love the “pensive” look….it is just my “thing”! tampa-childrens-photographer-51 And Lucas? He is the tamable wild-child (contrary to his mommy’s belief! ha!)  She affectionately calls him “The Blur” because he never sits still long enough for her to capture a snap shot of him (or at least for her to capture one in focus!)  ha!  So she did shed a tear or two when I gave her a quick peak in the back of my camera just to ease her mind…. tampa-childrens-photographer-2 tampa-childrens-photographer-6 And since I have been such a slack blogger lately  (lots of family stuff going on….I will share more later), here is one more to make Jen and Charlie swoon… tampa-childrens-photographer-3 I am so thrilled to be able to continue to capture your art, Jen and Charlie- and even more thrilled to be a part of Riley and Lucas’ lives!  xo

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4 thoughts on “Tampa Children Photos of Riley and Lucas in Our Studio

  1. These shots are so gorgeous! What aborable expressions you captured on their faces! I will definitely pass these on to all of my “parent friends”.

  2. Andi, I knew they would look great (like all of your work) but these exceeded my expectations! Thank you again for capturing my Princess and the Blur so beautifully. You are the best. We love you. xoxo

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