The Chow’s Branding Session with Andi Diamond Photography

What is branding photography? It is the story and feeling that you want your clients and prospective clients to FEEL about you and your company- often before they even know you or your services. I am so proud of my protege, Kristin Berry, for the new brand/company she is launching, The Chow (for people…not dogs…lol)- and I LOVED doing her branding shoot with her (with styling from the fabulous Amber Veatch).

The Chow is here spread joy in Tampa Bay with gourmet, gluten and dairy free “puppy chow”. It’s puppy chow for people! And guess whatThe Chow is now officially taking orders! Get some tasty confectionery treats for wedding, events, parties, gifts, favors & everything else under the sun. Click the link HERE and start ordering your yummy Chow .

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