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Tampa Photographer’s Fun Fact Friday

This week’s Fun Fact Friday is all about me, Kristin!

I thought I would share some of my favorite TV guilty pleasures for my fun fact, here we go!

1. The Walking Dead: This show is currently my #1, I have to many hours invested in it! If you like zombies, action, and suspense then this show is for you. Season 4 just wrapped (cue: tears) but this will give people time to catch up before the new season starts- and it WILL be intense.

2.. Nashville: OBSESSED with this show. I love country music so this incorporates that, as well as a little drama. Who am I kidding? A LOT of juicy drama. It follows some of Nashville’s biggest country stars on tour, life, and everything in-between. Need more persuasion to watch? The cast is very attractive. BOOM!

3. Parenthood: My sister first told me about this show a month ago..weeks of binge watching later and I am already at the end of season 3. It is about a large family and all of the trails and tribulations that go along with life. It will make you laugh, cry, and have a nervous breakdown.

4.. Are You The One?: My best friend has gotten me stuck on this show. It is on MTV (which I don’t watch too much of) but it is an interesting concept so I gave it a try. The show is about a house full of strangers who have their perfect love match chosen for them. The catch? They have to find out themselves who it is- and have weekly meetings to see if their guesses are correct. If they find everyone’s match at the end of 10 weeks, they get a big $ bonus. Hard to explain, but I watched 5 episodes the first night I started. Caution: you will get baffled and/or fall in love with castmates.

I have many more shows to start/catch up on so stay tuned for more reviews in the future!



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