5 Tips for Capturing Beautiful Tampa Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos will be how you will remember your big day! So, shouldn’t they be fabulous? I certainly think so!


However, not just any images will do, as you will want them to be unique to you and your journey to your happily ever after.


I understand just how important it is to receive photos from your wedding day that you will be proud of! That’s why, here at Andi Diamond Photography, I have comprised five tips to assist you with capturing your own beautiful Tampa wedding photos. If you are all set to learn what these tips are, be sure to continue reading:


  • Break the Ice. If you haven’t spent much time in front of the camera, or with your photographer, you can break the ice by taking part in an engagement photo session! This way, when the big day arrives, you will know what to expect when it comes to having your photos captured. In addition, you will feel much more at ease with your photographer, as you and your partner will have gotten the chance to get to know them.
  • Confidence is Key. If you are confident in your appearance, you will certainly want to flaunt your beautiful self in front of the camera! So, it is best to invest in a vetted hair and makeup artist to complete your bridal beauty for your big day. Choose a style that you are comfortable with, whether it be bold and powerful or natural and subtle, know that you will rock a fabulous style in front of the lens.
  • Ease Your Jitters. Couples often experience some pre-wedding jitters on their big day. However, you shouldn’t fret, as this is entirely normal! A great way to ease your nerves is by taking part in a first-look photo session with your partner. This way, you can take a breather with your partner before your walk down the aisle. In addition, you will capture photos that will showcase a great deal of love of emotion, as you and your partner will lay eyes on each other for the first time as a bride and groom.
  • Be Prepared. Rushing on your big day can certainly cause a great deal of stress! So, if you prepare your photography schedule ahead of time, you can capture your images with ease. After all, you certainly won’t want to appear frantic throughout your images. From first-looks to formal family photos, ensure that your schedule allots an efficient amount of time to capture your photos.
  • Just Be YOU! You won’t want to appear as anyone but yourself throughout your wedding photos. So, it’s important that you just relax and act natural in front of the camera! Avoid forcing a smile, or feeling as though you have to pose, and instead let your big day unfold naturally, so that you can capture organic and beautiful images.

Your big day should be remembered fondly! Therefore, you will certainly want to utilize these tips, so that you can be presented with beautiful wedding photos.


With that being said, if you are ready to hire your own wedding photographer in Tampa, Florida, please get in touch with me here at Andi Diamond Photography. As a Tampa wedding photographer, I would be more than thrilled with the opportunity to capture this wonderful milestone within your life.

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