9 thoughts on “Baby Photos – Welcome to the World, Finn!

  1. Andi,

    We had a great time during the photo shoot – thank you so much for your great eye, talent and tremendous patience and fun you had with the shoot. You kept 4 yr old Maggies attention the entire time and did not even flinch when Finn decided to christen not only your new fabric but also the floor..when the diaper is off – beware :). This is really going to give us a bunch of good memories – thanks so much – we look for forward to the next session in your bebe couture package I think in 6 months or so..
    The Bailey’s

  2. These are beautiful–everyone smiling at the same time–not easy with a newborn and 4 year old! The variety of poses and combinations are wonderful.

  3. These pictures arebtruly beautiful! You all look great! So impressed with the big sister, Maggs really pulled through! We definitely need to get some pictures done. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. What an incredible photo shoot! I love these pictures and played the video over and over again. The emotions captured are just precious. Thank you so much for sharing, and I look forward to the next round in 6 months!

  5. Andi – I just got home from a trip tonight and couldn’t wait to see these. You’re really amazing. We will cherish the prints and the book and it looks like our family will like their x-mas gifts from the comments. Looking forward to the next round. Thank you.


  6. What beautiful and amazing photos Carmen & Rob! Your family looks wonderful, you are all amazing, and i hope we can get together soon! Cheers!

  7. What beautiful and amazing photos Carmen & Rob! Your family looks wonderful & you are all amazing. Hope we can get together soon!Cheers!

  8. Carmen & Robb,

    Absolutely gorgeous. You all look amazing and I love the pic with Mags kissing Finn……a shout out to Andi. Great photos.


  9. Carmen & Robb,

    Beautiful! These photos are amazing. I love the ppic of Mags and Finn laying down together on the furry mat. You all look fantastic and the photos capture such love and tenderness a shout out to Andi.


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