The Circle of Friends 2010 – Event Photographer

Pete and I have been very blessed to be a part of the Circle of Friends for the past 10 years.  When our friend Jerry Wunsch was the offensive tackle for the Bucs, he started the Wunsch Family Foundation.  His goal was to provide children with cancer with emotional, motivational, and memorable experiences.  Each year we take children with cancer from around the country to Jerry’s hometown of Wassau, WI for an amazing winter trip.  Several other NFL players join us as well, bringing children from their hometowns.  It is hard to describe in words the magical experiences that the children (and counselors) have while on the trip.  As not only a counselor, but as the trip photographer, I will be tasked with trying to capture the fun, emotion, and joy that we experience.  We leave tomorrow and return Sunday (so the studio will be closed).  I will be posting images on my blog throughout the trip, so check back often to experience some of the magic!  To read a recent article on the Circle of Friends, click here. circle-of-friends

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2 thoughts on “The Circle of Friends 2010 – Event Photographer

  1. I am so excited that once again we will be on our way for what I describe as a life changing moment. Not only for the kids that come but for all of us who are priveleged to be a part of this amazing journey. See you soon. Linda

  2. A~ I continue to be in awe of how many lives are changed by this trip…I miss all of you but mostly I miss the the faces and stories that each child brings to this trip. My life has changed for the better for knowing these amazing young people as well as knowing all of the wonderful volunteers who shared 5 days of their lives with them…..The 7 years I spent with the WFF will always remain in my heart ~

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