Newborn Photos for Baby Beau and Family

Meet Beau and big sis’ Olivia…oh- and his Mommy, Jamie, and Daddy, Paul (Funny how once kids come along, mommies and daddies are put on the back burner, right?  ha!)  Beau is one of the many newborns who I have had the pleasure of photographing recently- and like all the others, he is definitely his own little person, so unique in his own way.  Here are some of my faves: tampa-newborn-baby-photographer-36 I have a soft spot for old stuffed animals.  My mom recently gave me my Flospy, the yellow bear that I toted around for years (I won’t tell you for how many years…but let’s just say it was probably a few too many!).  He is all worn, fur half gone.  I loved him so!  This next series is very special because the stuffed animal has special meaning to Jamie.  It has been around for a very long time! tampa-newborn-baby-photographer-37 Photographing newborns with their toddler big sister or brother can pose some fun challenges.  Heck, photographing toddlers by themselves can pose some fun challenges- ha!  But I LOVE those challenges!  Here is big sis’ Olivia with her baby! tampa-newborn-baby-photographer-35 Such an incredible family! tampa-newborn-baby-photographer-34 Jamie and Paul, your family is so beautiful and I am thrilled that I was able to capture these memories for you!

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15 thoughts on “Newborn Photos for Baby Beau and Family

  1. It takes a great photgrapher to be able to capture the special moments in a photograph. These photos of Beau and family are awesome!

  2. andi, love them!! can’t wait for the rest. you’re definitely talented to get such great pics of olivia holding still and not making goofy faces :-).

  3. The pictures of the Childers family are so good!
    I especially like the Momma and two children pose. I also like the first one of Beau, Since I have not seen him in person, this looks like a
    good profile pose. The family pose is also good


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