Tampa Photographer’s Fun Fact Friday

This week’s Fun Fact Friday is all about me, Kristin! One thing about me that people might not know (most probably do though..) is that I have two cats! Andi calls me a cat lady, well actually, everyone calls me a cat lady…but that’s okay with me. I just so happened to find both of these little stray babies when I wasn’t even looking for pets (isn’t that how it always happens?). So now, they are with me for good. I can’t complain though- they are both very sweet and low maintenance which is good for me being a 23 (almost 24) year old socialite. Let me introduce you:



I found Willow back home in Indiana when I was 16 years old. I heard faint little kitten meows coming from a bush and sure enough, there she was all tiny, cute and abandoned. Willow is more of a background kind of cat. Most people won’t even notice that she is there, but when she is noticed she loves getting attention. When she was a kitten I used to sleep with her every night and now almost 8 years later she still sleeps with me every night. Or I should say ON me, she literally lays on top of me..every single night. She is the older cat so I usually refer to her as “Mama!” and she will come running towards me. She is just the cutest, ever.



THIS cat. Four years ago my sister’s friend from work had a family cat that had kittens and were in need of homes. A couple months prior my dog had unfortunately run away and was never found so I knew at some point I would be needing a companion for Willow. I was against the idea of having another cat at first, but my mom ended up taking one and she was just so cute that I caved and decided to take one as well. Fast-forward to 4 years later and Juniper is fat and lazy. My philosophy on training and raising a kitten is to smother them with love and affection all the time. Juniper is constantly wanting to be around me, cuddling with me, etc…but the problem is…she HATES everyone else. The smell and sight of other people will put her in a frenzy and she will hiss and make the most unnatural sounds I’ve ever heard. Luckily she will never attack/bite anyone..but this has become a real issue when I have people over. If only everyone else could see the sweet and adorable side of her that I see. I don’t think that will be happening any time soon. (Sigh)


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