Tampa Maternity Photos of Jennifer + Bill!

Maternity portraits are among my favorite types of portraits to create.  So often the mommies-to-be feel less than fabulous, and it is up to me to help them feel beautiful and celebrate their curves.  I loved doing this with Jennifer and Bill.  They are expecting their first baby, and are overwhelmed with joy and excitement! tampa-maternity-pregnancy-photography tampa-maternity-pregnancy-photography-2 Funny side note….I consider myself to be pretty tall (about 5’9″ on a good day), but Jen and Bill and very tall!  My studio ceiling is pitched but I kept catching it into my frame with many of my shots.  Bill told me a funny story that I just had to share.  While volunteering at a local elementary school, he overheard some young children talking as they walked past him.  One said to the other “Is he a GIANT??”.  HA!  Out of the mouths of babes!  Here is one more of the “giants” with me shooting from a stool. tampa-maternity-pregnancy-photography-1 Can’t wait to photograph your baby girl, Jennifer and Bill!  So happy for you!!  🙂 Andi

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2 thoughts on “Tampa Maternity Photos of Jennifer + Bill!

  1. These guys are my neighbors and I have loved watching that baby grow! Now I got a really good peek at that belly and Jen looks beautiful! I am so happy for these two…

  2. Hi All, I’m Jennifer’s big cousin/sister and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see these pictures! Jennifer you look so beautiful and Bill looks REALLY REALLY happy!!!! Jenn, I never thought once you got pregnant that I’d be on the West coast and you’d be on the East coast and these pictures make me feel like I actually got to see you WHILE your prego! Yeah!! All My Love, Your Cousin, Soni xoxoxoxox

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