Tampa Family Photography Celebrating 20 Years!

When Kim first called me, she had a story to share. A true reason why she wanted (and NEEDED) custom portrait photography. You see, she and Wes would be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary on November 1st. They never had wedding pictures created.  She has been wanting this forever, and now was the perfect time for them to celebrate their love.  She knew what she wanted- classic, beautiful, timeless black and white relationship portraiture.  No props, no gimmicks, just something that showed their love. I was so honored and thrilled that she chose Andi Diamond Photography to create this vision for her (and a few other special images just for Wes!) tampa-family-relationship-photography tampa-family-relationship-photography-1 I hope this makes you smile, Kim and Wes- I know it made me! tampa-family-relationship-photography-2 Happy, happy anniversary! May you have may more years of health, happiness, and blessed times together! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Tampa Family Photography Celebrating 20 Years!

  1. Andi,
    Wow… They are really pretty! You have exceeded my expectations of getting just one or two great pictures. THANK YOU!
    See you soon,

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