Now it is my turn….Tampa Family Photos

As you may know, the past couple months have been very challenging for my family. My Dad was in critical care in the ICU and the doctors were not too positive on the outcome of his condition. I am thrilled to share that he is doing great- a couple minor set backs but he is alive and well, and now lives in Tampa Bay. During all of this, I had many nights of reflective thought, prayer, and questions.  My dad and I have not always been as close as I would like, but I prayed that if he got a “second chance” that it would give us the opportunity to have a relationship more like the one I always envisioned. During his very critical phase, I started thinking about the fact that my last portraits with my dad were over 7 years ago at mine and Pete’s wedding.  And he really does not have any portraits with Ethan (yes, I am the shoe-maker with holes in my own shoes!).  I told myself that if he makes it out of this medical challenge, that I would get some portraits created of us together.  To always have and cherish.  Me and My Dad.  My Dad and his grandson. Our family.  I asked God, PLEASE do not take him yet- I am not ready.  I wanted this.  No, I needed this.  I called my friend and amazing fellow photog, Alycia Alvarez.  I knew immediately that I wanted her to create this vision for me- with the style and class that is only Alycia.  And as I knew she would……she created exactly what I have envisioned (only better): andi09blog_002 andi09blog_003 andi09blog_005 andi09blog_004 andi09blog_0061 Thank you Alycia for your amazing talent.  And thank you to all of my friends and clients who shared thoughts and prayers during the last couple months- it means more than you will ever know.  xo

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5 thoughts on “Now it is my turn….Tampa Family Photos

  1. Oh COME ON!! Your dad looks amazing, Ethan adorable and you like Brittany Spears (before she went nuts!). Beautiful. Like your whole website! Nice job momma.

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