Tampa Photographer Creates the K. Family’s Canvas Wall

I love when clients decorate their home with artwork created in their portrait sessions.  My philosophy is- you are going to decorate you home and pay for artwork anyway…so it should something meaningful and valuable- like your family and your children.  I also love to decorate with canvases.  They are such unique, beautiful pieces.  Here are some images that Vicky took of her canvases that she recently ordered.  They are displayed in her living room over her couch: canvas-wall-21 canvas-wall The center canvas is 24×24 and the two “book-end” canvases flanking the center piece are both 17×24.  I love the creative latitude that comes with canvases, as I can design them to be any size I want so the images fit the art as opposed to trying to make the art fit into a crop that just does not flatter the piece or the crop.  Thanks for sharing this with me, K. Family!  I LOVE it!

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