Tampa Children’s Clothing Store- Silly Dilly Tot Spot

As soon as I walked into Silly Dilly Tot Spot on MacDill Avenue, I knew I wanted to hang out there for some time….maybe too long, as I kept picking out adorable children’s clothing for my kids that I could not live without. The owner, Kate, has this incredible, eclectic style and flair for fashion that I have not found at any other Tampa children’s clothing store. And then it happened….I found the secret stash- her rack of “Kate’s Favorites”- chic, fabulous clothing for women!  I was in LOVE! After chatting for an hour, our brains were swirling with ideas for a fun photo shoot that was inspired by her precious designer children’s clothing. She wanted to showcase the clothes in a fun, vintage, couture way, so we went to the home of one of her designer’s and spent the day capturing some of her favorite outfits for her to showcase on her new marketing pieces. Here are just a few of the children’s outfits she selected- and the precious kiddos who got to model for us that day! I absolutely love the sweater/shrug that this hot- sassy grandma is wearing….I got one for myself!
Tampa Childrens Photographers_0001.jpg
Tampa Childrens Photographers_0002.jpg
Tampa Childrens Photographers_0003.jpgWhat does the fox say?  LOL!
Tampa Childrens Photographers_0004.jpg
Tampa Childrens Photographers_0005.jpg
Tampa Childrens Photographers_0006.jpg
Tampa Kids Photographers_0007.jpg
Tampa Kids Photographers_0008.jpg
Tampa Kids Photographers_0009.jpg
Tampa Kids Photographers_0010.jpg
So if you are looking for a unique shopping experience with stylish children’s (and ladies’) clothing as well as heirloom toys, fab decor, and perfect gifts for moms and kids….you will want to run over to Silly Dilly‘s!  Thanks to the kids (and parents) for allowing them to participate so we could create these images for Kate!

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