Boudoir in Black and White

Black and whites are always a win when it comes to boudoir. Boudoir is supposed to be sexy not sexual. I think black and whites do a perfect job of setting the sexy tone in anyone’s boudoir gallery. It is a great way to bring out the subtleties of a women’s sexiness. Suddenly, the tone of the image becomes more mysterious. Black and whites also allow my clients to appreciate themselves as a whole, instead of focusing on every detail that they don’t like about there bodies. During a boudoir session, my goal is to capture the essence of you. Black and white images help my clients look past all the details and see that very essence. Black and whites are also very versatile. It can be classy, it can be sassy, it can be whatever you want it to be! It’s important for anyone who is thinking about doing a boudoir session to know this session is all about you and what your version of sexy is. I believe that women are their sexiest when they feel confident and are true to themselves. Are ready to explore your confidence and define your own sexy? Let’s capture your glamorous black and white moment together and book a boudoir session.

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