Caitlin and her Mommy and Daddy…

Have a mentioned before how much I just love the squishy, yummy legs of babies?  I could just gobble them uo- and little Miss Caitlin is no exception!  She is scrumptious!  Here are just a couple of my faves from our recent session: This images has to be one of my absolute favorites!  I already made plans to turn it into a canvas for my studio!  I have the perfect spot to hang it!  LOVE it! OK, NO…THIS ONE is my FAVORITE!  And only because I know April and Jeff will get such a kick out of this, I had to post it!  Of yes….that is exactly what it looks like!  And that was the second time it happened…and take a glimpse at Jeff’s face!  HILARIOUS! I consider one of the true treasures of my job is having the opportunity to talk with my clients and learn all about them and their families.  I thoroughly enjoyed our session, G. Family, and getting to know you all!

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