Shy little Sophie…

It is such a shame that little Miss Sophie is so shy and introverted.    You can tell that there is a great, big ole’ personality in there…she’s just not sure how to let it out! OK, so clearly I am being phacecious (and I did have to look up the spelling of that word!)  Little Miss Thing was all about being in front of the camera- a girl after my own heart!  She was having a ball and loving every minute! Of course I had to capture some “pensive” looks, too. (It’s my signature style!) And like I’ve said before- I love being on front of the camera.  I am a bit of a ham (and I love seeing “pull-backs” from other studios so I know my photog friends will appreciate this one)!  Thanks for letting me hop in, Sophie!  I had a blast! (Clothing compliments of D’s Darling Designs!)

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2 thoughts on “Shy little Sophie…

  1. You are hysterical! I love the first one. Very creative! But of course the last one is my favorite.

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