Super Bowl Week in Tampa!

What a fun, crazy week Tampa had for the Super Bowl!  I have a few fun stories myself so here we go!  Starting with Jordin Sparks!  OK, so I admit…I LOVE American Idol- I have ever since Kelly Clarkson!  One of Pete’s clients gave him VIP tickets to her concert at Roys last week…and wouldn’t you know?  I had to work an event!  Argh!  So, he took our friend Alayna- also an avid AI fan!  They had a fun night for me and frequently called me with updates!  I was so jealous!  But figured I would share this image anyway! ha! Poor Pete…such a shorty! I love celebrity gossip- but Pete and Alayna said Jordin was as sweet as apple pie!  Moving on to other celebrities in Tampa.  One of our good friends works at Hard Rock and he had some juicy gossip (I cannot share my source…but just know it is true!)  Michael Jordan was there, gambling $100k hands!  And Stacy Keibler (model and Dancing With the Stars alum) had to be escorted out the back door because…well…she is not too good at handling her alcohol!  Our babysitter went to the Maxim party and saw Lindsey Lohan and Brittney Snow, and a bunch of other people who are not in my US Weekly so I do not know who they are! ha!

We had a fun day getting ready for our little Super Bowl party at our house.  Pete and I went Publix Greenwise, which if you haven’t been, you are missing out!  It is such a great store and the people are super friendly!  AND I got ID’ed to buy beer!  YES!  And because I did not have my ID with me, he would not sell it to me!  OH…I was flattered!  I have never been happier (ok, well…maybe.  But it surely made my day!).  When you do go to Greenwise, you MUST buy these cookies.  Grab them in the bakery.  They are deeelish! After I did a quick house cleaning, I sat and read some magazines- something I have not had time to do in months (clearly as some of these dates back to August!)  So I caught up on my professional photography magazines, which I LOVE! And then of course had to skim through my US Weekly’s…oh, and Health! While I did that, Pete worked on his “5 Alarm Chili”. Our friends arrived, ready to enjoy a fun evening.  We honeslty did not care who won, though our friend Kelly felt much differently…hence the custom cake!  ha!  We prefer college football, but love a good game- and great commercials! Ethan did not really care to much either as long as he had his friends to play with…and his train! I hope everyone had a great Super Bowl week and enjoyed Tampa.  I love our city and I am sure the tourists did, too!

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