Kimberly and Scott….Maternity Photography (Tampa)

Kimberly and Scott are expecting their first baby!  And the excitement and happiness is evident!  Kimberly has the best smile (and she does this cute little scrunchie thing with her nose when she is smiling…yes- I noticed! ha!)  She is glowing! tampamaternityphotography1 tampamaternityphotography3 I love the amazing emotion between the both of them here! tampamaternityphotography2


Kimberly is one of those pregnant girls that makes you….jealous.  She is so tiny everywhere with this tiny little bump.. Of course, she thinks she looks big.  HA!  I know ladies….but don’t hate her!  She is too sweet! tampamaternityphotography4 I really enjoyed captured these images for you Scott and Kimberly.  I cannot wait to meet little Mr. or Miss A!

🙂 Andi

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One thought on “Kimberly and Scott….Maternity Photography (Tampa)

  1. Wow, Andi! I knew you were a great photographer from the other photos I’v seen of yours, but never expected our pics. to be soo wonderful. We love them so far and are looking forward to seeing the rest!! Thanks again for a fun day!!

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