Beautiful Kaitlyn!

I LOVE my job!  I really do.  Just take a look at some of the beautiful children I get to capture on film (ok, well not on film anymore…but you know what I mean!)  I love seeing the personalities, the interaction, the emotion.  Kaitlyn is one of those super sweet little girls that just makes you wish you had a little girl (or at least a 5 year old little girl!)  She is such a charmer.  Here are a few of my faves: And because Kaitlyn and Sophie are BFF’s, we had to capture some of them together!  Girls, you were a pleasure to photograph!  Diane of D’s Darling Designs…your clothing ROCKS!  Can’t wait for your website to go live (and I will make sure to share it with my faithful blog stalkers as soon as it does!)

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One thought on “Beautiful Kaitlyn!

  1. I just LOVE these! Kaitlyn and Sophie are so sweet. Thank you to all the models for doing such a great job. Thank you Andi for capturing such amazing art and for all the wonderful kind words! This has been so much FUN!

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