Tampa Children’s Photography for LilaBo

LilaBo has been one of my longest clients; each year we style a session for her and she always rocks it. This year was no different! It amazes me how much she has grown each time I see her and she is such a sweet, stylish, and beautiful girl. Every year I take portraits of LB, but this year I insisted that her wonderful mom, Donna, jump into a couple as well. That’s what portraits are all about..family!

tampa-childrens-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0469 tampa-childrens-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0470 tampa-childrens-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0471 tampa-childrens-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0472 tampa-childrens-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0473 tampa-childrens-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0474 tampa-childrens-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0475 tampa-childrens-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0476 tampa-childrens-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0477 tampa-childrens-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0478 tampa-childrens-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0479

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