Cropping De-Mystified

Numbers,  ratios, and basically math were never my thing in high school or college.  When I took bio-statistics in grad school I thought my mind would explode.  I realized I am much more of a visual person, so when I became a photographer ratios started to make alot more sense to me.  Basically, digital imagery is captured at a 2:3 ratio (what you think of as your basic 4×6 small print).  Any larger print at that ratio will not have anything cropped out of the original image- say for example a 16×24 or 23×30.  The way I photograph, I tend to try to visualize the end piece of artwork in mind as I am shooting, so I do not have the mentality of “I will crop it later”.   This could get tricky as we start getting creative with larger portraits.  See below: So how do we handle this dilemma when it comes to wall art?  Simple!  All of our wall art comes custom sized.  For example, most people think of a 20 inch piece as a 16×20, right?  However, if you look above you will see that a 16×20 cuts off a large portion of the original image.  Sometimes this works, but sometimes it does not.  As your artist, I want to have the creative latitude to be able to crop however I want, and not jam your images into a size that does not fit.  So if a 20 inch piece will fit best in the wall space where you want to hang your artwork, we crop the short side of the piece to fit the crop in the most aesthetic manner.  I may design it as a 14×20 or a 13×20-  but the long side will still be 20 inches.  Since all of our wall art comes framed or canvas gallery wrapped, you do not have to do any work or worry about trying to find a frame to fit that size as your piece will arrive perfectly sized and finished, ready to hang on your wall.  We will even send our handy man to your home to hang your artwork for you!  Hope you found this to be helpful!

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