Tampa Childrens Photographer on a Picnic!

One of the many things that I love about my Bebe Couture Plan is the opportunity I get to truly get to know the families I photograph.  It usually starts with a maternity session, then the newborn session, then a 6 month (or sitting up) session, and of course, the big 1 year birthday session.  I first met the M. Family at their maternity session and was very quickly able to develop a relationship with them, which I truly love!  Almost immediately after their newborn session at our South Tampa studio, Courtney started planning for Gavin’s 6 month portrait session….’cause that is how she rolls!  “Where do we do it?  What do we wear?  What should I bring?”; she is always bursting with excitement and anticipation.  So for this little chunky monkey’s 6 month session, we decided to go out on location on a family picnic.  Here are just a few of my FAVES!! Big brother, Eion, could not be any sweeter with his baby brother…it melts my heart!  Funny story about this session (well, ok not really very funny at all).  The sun, the clouds, the family- everything is going perfect!  I hear my assistant, Kristin, make a shocked sound and as I look over a cat is….ummm..marking my camera bag as its territory!  Are you kidding me?!  We are out in the middle of no where and this cat finds us- and my camera bag and well….this is why I am a dog person!  YUCK!  I had to share that story because if you know me, you know that this is my luck!  Fortunately, the rest of the session was beautiful!  Can’t wait for the 1 year session.  Made any plans for it yet, Courtney?  🙂

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