Me and Math…not a good combo!

OK, so math was never my strong suit.  I avoided any math, statistics, or accounting classes in high school or college (I was also never a big history fan…but I digress..)  I went to a PPA’s Studio Services Management seminar in Atlanta this weekend.  You are probably wondering what PPA stands for…so let me back up.  PPA stands for Professional Photographers Association, and it’s the “governing” body of portrait photographers.  It’s who goes to capital hill to fight for our health insurance rights, it’s who puts on oodles of learning seminars and educational conferences- and one of them is called SMS run by the UBER fantastic Ann Monteith and Carol Andrews- and it’s something that gives you a whole new meaning into the realm of accounting and your own numbers!  I am overwhelmed at best at all of the accounting- or should I say managerial accounting that I took this weekend! 18 hours of numbers, and programs and marketing.  (For my photog friends who read my blog, I highly recommend this class!  It is a business MUST!)

I met up with some of my wonderful photog friends while I was there which really made the trip a blast!  Kelly Hite has been one of best friends since our days at UF together, Edie Black and I joke about how we “met online” and developed an ever lasting relationship, and Christine Ryan and I met through TAPPA (Tampa Area Professional Photograhers Association).  So 4 girls in one hotel room- image that!  Actually we did quite well (minus Kelly’s horribly annoying white noise machine! ha!)

To my photog girls- we sure did grow this weekend! I know we have some great challenges- and I am not sure I have enough chocolate in my house to fix me! But at least we now know how to add, subtract, and multiply and “WE WILL KNOW THE NUMBERS”… (said in my best Ann voice!)  I miss you all!  Kel- I am so lucky to have you in this with me.  It makes every day that much more fun!  Edie- my online love- so, so glad we met and I am able to share and learn so much from you!  Christine-so glad we became such amazing friends!  It was an instant click from the beginning and I love sharing/getting education from each other!

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2 thoughts on “Me and Math…not a good combo!

  1. What about the PUFA??? That and Bokeh was the BEST part of the weekend! I am hoping we get there…it should be a FUN road! Thanks for a great weekend!!

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